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Are you looking for the best recurve bow? Then you need look no further, you got it right here. Samick Sage Recurve Bow is what you want for your traditional hunting. It comes with everything you need to take down that dear at an unbelievable and pocket friendly price. This bow is designed to make shooting as smooth as possible by allowing you to draw your arrows at your draw length of your choice. Samick Sage allows you to easily exchange limbs when using different draw weights. With Sage recurve bow, you can be assured of taking back home your hard-earned game.

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Samick Sage Recurve Bow Features

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This recurve is made of Hard Maple and laminated Olive Dymondwood making it very durable and able to give you the best balance when hand-held. It comes handy with a front stabilizer brass, AMO sight, which is also referred to as ATA accessory and a plunger. These fittings enable you to attach other hunting gears such as bow sights, plunger with an elevated rest, bow fishing reels as well as a stabilizer that will fully complement your shooting experience.

Arrow Rest

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow gives you the option to choose either a right hand bear hair rest and plate or the same gear for your left hand. Samick Sage users have often advised that you should first purchase the Samick Sage Recurve Bow online first before ordering any other fittings. Actually, they always stress that you walk into the Samick Sage stores with your recurve bow to try out your best fitting combination of other fittings and archers.


Samick Sage has always received the best reviews due to its high performance. High performance is usually as a result of high quality built body. This recurve bow limbs come with Hard Maple core that is usually surrounded by black fiberglass. The reinforcement of the bow tips make them candidates for use with modern bow strings in the market today.


Darcon Endless loop string. This is the string that comes inbuilt in this bow. You can as well decide to use the now common Recurve 58” Fast Flight which will give you the full performance Samick Sage can afford you. This string is known for its strength and performance which is much valued in the bush. This string is available in different sizes for both right and left hand. It is available in 60#, 55#, 45#, 40#, 35#, 30# and 25#.

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Taking Care Of Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

When choosing between a right hand or left hand bow, you consider the hand that you use to draw the string with. If you use the right hand, then go for the right hand bow. A bow stringer is also a requirement for you when you purchase this recurve bow. Actually, bow stringers are essential for all Samick Sage Recurve Bows as well as for those longbows. You should not string a Samick Sage bow without a bow stringer as this will make the warranty void. You are also not supposed to string it backwards without a bow stringer as the warranty will get void too.

Samick Sage Reviews have advised users to unstring the bow when it is not intended to be used for over a week. The bow should be stored on its side, or if hanged, it should be vertically from a peg. It is also not good to dry-fire the bow; that is shooting the bow without an arrow.

Samick Sage Reviews

Greg, a customer who had bought Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow gave his authentic review of the product. He wrote:

Firstly, this is THE starter bow! It is a top notch recurve at a great price. I am “relatively” new to archery, and all the old school guys at the range gave me super props for my initial purchase. So BUY THIS BOW!!! You can’t beat it for the price. And here is some advice for the new archers who are trying to figure all this out!!!

The first thing is that there are 400 different opinions on everything in archery, and the “best” one really is what you have narrowed down for yourself!

1) Only buy the bow at first (online): then visit an archery store, archery range, archery instructor (not a sporting goods chain). They will be HAPPY to assist you in what else you will need; i.e. glove/tab, what arrows, bow stringer, rest, etc. Don’t purchase these with your Sage initially (online), as you will probably buy the wrong stuff or stuff you don’t need!

2) Buy lower pound limbs; 25# to 35#. In traditional archery form is EVERYTHING. It is much easier to perfect your form with lighter limbs. You can always buy heavier limbs later… they aren’t that expensive…. that’s one of the reasons to buy a take-down bow!

3) Figure out which eye is your dominant one. Not always, but most of the time, the “handed” bow you need doesn’t correspond to your dominant hand, but your dominant EYE. Luckily, most people’s dominant eye is also their dominant hand, but not always. I learned this the hard way! I am right-handed, but left-eyed. I naturally bought a right-handed bow, but later learned I needed a left-handed one…. It was awkward at first using my “off-hand”, but my aim using my “strong-eye” was MUCH better.

4) Visit the website “hunters friend”. At the bottom of it’s homepage, in the help section, is a link to Carbon Arrow University. This is an extremely useful guide to understanding archery. It is easy to read and understand and helped me tremendously. Also, 3 Rivers Archery and Lancaster Archery are companies with good reputations when you are looking to expand your kit. (I am not affiliated with ANY of these companies… just helpful things I have found)

I hope this helps you, and BUY THE SAGE!!!!! It really is a top shelf starter bow, I love mine!!!!

Another customer who bought this best recurve bows a couple of months ago said:

Can not go wrong with this one. I have been involved in 3D archery for over 20 years. This bow draws smooth and shoots fast. It is solid and looks good.

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow deer hunt

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