Click image to see the details

Click image to see the details

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow is known as one of the best recurve bows due to a number of reasons which include its extremely effective design and simple construction which provides value for every cent spent on it. The bow is not only the best choice for beginners in archery but is also perfect for big game hunting along with target shooting. This bow is an ultimate weapon for smooth shooting because of its indisputable accuracy and relentless speed.

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The Best Recurve Bows: Key Features

Click image to see the details!

Click image to see the details!

The Samick Sage Recurve Bow has a brace height of 7.5 to 8.5 inches. Brace height typically refers to the distance between the bowstring and the deepest grip. Although the ideal brace height ranges between 8 to 10 inches but the optimal brace height is mainly dependent on shooting style of the archer and the material of the bow. All these vital conditions have been met by the Samick Sage Recurve Bow. Furthermore, the limbs of the bow are made up of Maple core which is covered with black fiberglass to ensure durability.
With ultimate accuracy and comfortable grip, beginners can become pros and master the skill of archery by using the Samick Sage Recurve Bow in no time and here are all the reasons why:
Comfortable Grip
The grip is designed to perfectly complement any size of the hands. Moreover, the elegant design does not inflict pain regardless of the time a person spends while shooting. The material used in the bow is wood, which is a good conductor of heat and ensures that the archer’s hands are warm even in cold weather. Thus, the comfortable grip provides maximum control and accuracy to the archers while they use the bow.
Durability and Innovative Design
The Samick Sage Recurve Bow is made up of solid wood which ensures durability. Its construction and design not only provide ease and comfort to the archer but also ensures that the material of the bow stays intact for longer periods of time. The bow is laminated with black fiberglass which not only provides durability but also gives the elegant outlook. Moreover, it has a long riser which prevents the archer from receiving extreme shocks while shooting.
Accuracy and Ease of Use
The bow possesses a cut-past-center shelf which makes it easier for the archer to tune and use various kinds of arrows for shooting. In addition, the Phenol layer present on the tips handles the pressure on the bow and provides ease of use. The accuracy depends on the length of the bow, longer the length, faster and more accurate the shooting will be. The Samick Sage Bow provides excellent accuracy due to its 62-inch length.

Samick Sage Recurve Bow Reviews

Here are some Samick Sage reviews given by this Samick Sage users:

Highly recommend

by L. J. G.

I LOVE this. The bow is long, heavy, and beautiful. The Samick Sage recurve bow looks likes something out of Lord of the Rings and makes a statement wherever I take it to practice my archery. I intend to take this hunting soon.

The grip is comfortable, thick, and prepped with screw holes for future attachments. This is going to be the easiest bow to upgrade that I’ve owned so far. The thumb screws that attach the limbs are easy to remove. Keep in mind that if you intend to shoot without an arrow rest, you will mark up the grip after a period of time. A good polish will probably remove most the marks. however.

There is some thrum from the bow after I shoot, so I would suggest adding silencers to the string if you want to take it hunting. Great bow. After buying, I read forum after forum claiming this bow is the ultimate beginner recurve for price and quality. Some people have owned this 10+ years without it breaking on them.

Great bow and excellent finish

by Ezequiel

Great bow and excellent finish. Very repeatable shots. I think its ideal for a begginer. I wish I had bought heavier limbs since 30# requires to much angle to hit target at 20ft.
Only comment is that there were no instructions to install the bow rest, I had to go to a archery shop to have it installed.

Fantastic bow at a great price

by T. Marble

Fantastic bow. I’m middle aged male, 170lbs 5’7, and this bow works great for me. I don’t hunt, not dressing up for lord of the rings, just want something fun to use in the backyard and while camping. Had a 25lb “kids bow” that just didn’t feel right. This bow has enough kick to feel good, feels balanced in my hand, and works beautifully! Easily recommend! Saw the same bow at a local outdoorsmen shop for $20 more!

The thing that makes this bow the best recurve bow is its durability and top notch performance. For under $140 the bow provides upbeat performance along with comfortable grip and perfect accuracy. Moreover, the bow offers a simple but rather innovative design which is not only easy to reassemble but can also draw weight of more than 35Ibs.

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow deer hunt

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