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Among all the shooting bows existing on the planet Samick sage recurve bow, designed by Samick Sport, is the most interesting as this statement can be supported by the fact that numerous reviews have been done by numerous people on Samick sage recurve bow to try to establish its quality and functionality. And there is needless to say that from most of these reviews, many people have approved of the exceptional bow with remarkable recommendations.
The most common of Samick sage measures 62 inches and very attractive to the eye, the takedown bow’s limbs are made of maple and black fiberglass with appealing finishing at the end tips just to mention a glimpse of its physical appearance.

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All You Need To Know About Samick Sage Recurve Bow

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Samick Sage recurve bow has also been found, according to a certain Samick Sage Review, to be one of the most convenient travel Takedown Bow that is affordable yet packed with a lot of advantages over other known bows. Samick sage recurve bow, unlike many other takedown bows, can be used by anyone who wishes to despite the fact that it has been listed as an entry level bow. Another advantage, according to Samick Sage Review, Samick Sage Recurve Bow is a very flexible takedown bow in the sense that it can be dismantled into different segments and packed inside a backpack when going for an adventure in the forest or wherever as these limbs of these bow can be bought separately, therefore for people who are planning to venture into traditional archery this is the bow that has highly been recommended by many reviewers
Samick Sage Recurve Bow are made into different sizes and their market prices vary depending on the size and where you buy the bow. However, as you may already know, the price of this factory, one-in-a-million bow should not make anyone willing to buy it be afraid, 62” recurve bow coasts between 129-139 dollars. However, this price is not constant in many stores across the United States.
The takedown bow has won the favor of both the young and the elderly across the United States beating the odd of its entry level, moreover, importantly to know about the Samick Sage Recurve Bow is, it is a sturdy and can last for a very long time because of the components that make it up including the Olive Dymondwood and a stabilizer bushings to mention but a few of the parts of the Samick Sage Recurve Bow The Samick Sage is strong when fit together and allows for easy shooting against any length. The tight strings that can be referred to as Dacron Endless loop String gives it a full packed punch to shoot up to a length of over 100 yards.
Despite the fact that the Samick Sage recurve Bow being popular in the United States, its popularity is fast growing and many world manufacturers around the world have begun to borrow the skills and a lot of people are considering seeking the possession of the bow from the influence they get from the tutorials available on the internet and other sources of reviews.

Samick Sage Reviews

Here are Samick Sage reviews written by Samick Sage Recurve Bow users based on their experience.

A forgiving shooting platform for beginning archers

By Anthony Miller

I have 6 recurve bows and this one shoots just as good as the others including my Hoyt and Bear bows. I am an experienced archer I shoot daily and I find myself going back to this bow the most often. I think mostly because of the draw weight is comfortable for me (45lbs). I am by no means a weakling but when you shoot everyday hundreds of arrows it wears on your body and I can shoot this one without tiring as quick. its shelf is cut past center and has a very good sight window. its a little heavier to hold than my others but it is a very forgiving shooting platform for beginning archers that are learning correct stance and release form. I use .500 spine arrows, the gold tip traditional 3555 is my favorite and tunes easily to this 45lb bow

All is well, in the end, that begins well, with great products and customer service.

By Keith D Gipson

The Bow itself is awesome. It was easy putting it together, but I haven’t shot with the bow yet. Before receiving the bow, I did some research online to ensure I didn’t miss anything when I did receive the package. To my dismay, it wasn’t in the original package and I am sure not everything came with. Maybe the dealer thought or assumed that they were doing me a favor, but, the truth is, I will have to spend more money, unwarranted and unplanned for simply to put an arrow through it. Aside from this, I can’t wait to start doing some training with this bow. It is my third recurve bow but first Samick. I can’t wait to compare the difference between the two brands and hit some targets.

Great Bow! Worth The Money

By Amazon Customer

Really impressed with this bow. I’ve had it for a few months now and it performs really well. The power you get is really impressive, the setup and takedown of this bow is both simple and convenient. I really like that you can take it apart and fit it in your rucksack on a backpacking trip and it’s really good for storage to. The bow string it comes with will last a good while but I’d replace it after a few weeks. I’d also suggest getting a bow stringer so you don’t risk warping the limbs. I’d definitely suggest it as a gift.

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow deer hunt

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