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If you are in search of the best re-curve bow in town that too on a tight budget I think this is the perfect article for you. It gives you a detailed over view of not only the samick sage recurve bow but also the samick sage take down recurve bow. Samick sports, a Korean company that has been in the industry from around 1975, has just grown since then and become a monopoly in this industry. Their famous bows are sold in almost 50 countries and have been sponsoring some of the world’s best archers.

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All You Need To Know About Samick Sage Take Down Recurve Bow

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Click the image to see details!

The samick sage recurve bow has a very classical and majestic look. The design is not only very simple, elegant and effective but also well-polished. This is one or some of the reasons why people rely on this bow blindly since there is no chance of breakage. It is made of laminated olive diamond wood and hard maple as they are resilient and long lasting. The limbs are prone to bending because the maple is further laminated with fiber glass and the tip is reinforced with Phenolic plastic which means fast flight strings are accepted. The riser has a cut-past-center shelf hence making the bow easier to tune and hence accepts all types of arrows. The main difference between the samick Sage recurve bow and the samick-sage take down recurve bow is that the former one is specially made for beginners with a relatively easier design, inferior quality but with great accuracy whereas the latter is for professional purposes.
The recurve bow is the simple one, it does not have a greater variety but the takedown recurve bow is the one which is in greater demand by the customers. People who play this sport professionally, for them choosing the right bow may mean the difference between excelling or quitting in frustration hence they prefer the samick sage recurve take down bow. Available for-both right as well as left handed people. With a bow-length of 62 inches it is specifically for those who are building their form and once you become a pro, you can upgrade the limbs.
Although, the portability of this bow, is easier than a traditional one piece bow, there’re some disadvantages attached to it as well. These disadvantages include its bow length which is difficult for short people to use and difficult to hide into smaller spaces while hunting. It also produces a slight noise at time which can scare the prey. There are different models of this available of which some or more used than others. These include the samick deer master takedown recurve bow, the phantom takedown bow, nighthawk takedown bow, red stag take down bow and a couple of others each varying in terms of price and the quality of material used also including slight differences in the design
The samick sage recurve bow is a high quality, inexpensive bow which is ideal for beginners who want to develop the correct-stance and shooting ability. The more detailed ones are for professionals. It makes hunting very smooth and is a good return for your investment. It is something you will never regret buying.

Samick Sage Recurve Bow Reviews

Below are Samick Sage reviews given by customers who had bought the product and like to share their authentic experience regarding the pros and cons of the product.

He is very impressed and happy with the best recurve bows

by Jamie

Bought this for my husband as he all of a sudden sparked an interest to go bow hunt turkey and doesn’t want to use a crossbow. He is very impressed and happy with this Samick Sage! We purchased him the 55# as he hasn’t hunted with a bow in years, he was able to pull and shoot very nicely. The bow string is tight to put on as it should be. The bow is very well made and the natural wooden is beautiful. He is very impressed which is all that matters. I would suggest this bow to anyone looking for a Recurve.

One Great Bow

by Pictureman

Started with recurves (wish I had kept them), went the compound route, and now back to recurves. Shot completion compound with sights and stabilizers, etc etc. for years. Then one day decided to build a long bow. What a challenge to shoot. No sights, no rest, just instinct. Had to get another recurve but didn’t want the huge price tags they now carry. Sage had good reviews, so I purchased one. Wow what a great bow. Yes price is reasonable, but this is a great bow. Either off the shelf with feathers or add a basic rest for vanes. . I checked the brace height, added a nocking point and basic rest (so I could shoot feathers or vanes) and took it out to shoot. It felt right from the first shot. It shoots quiet and accurate. I shoot fingers using a tab, no sights, and could not be more pleased with this bow.

Samick Sage Recurve Bow foxshot

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